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Luz Hair Design

Luz Hair Design (Gifu)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina PRO

”A beauty salon in Gifu that does not fail” is the salon with a 25 year reputation, Luz in Ryoge, Gifu City.

Both male and female customers particular about their hair and hairstyles, come from afar to this extremely popular salon. The salon has nine parking spaces.

We talked to the owner Mr. Sonobe about the Ariamisto Bollina and Bollina Pro

Since our opening in October 1989, we have paid attention to the “water” we use. We installed a soft water machine to remove impurities such as calcium and iron that may remain on the scalp, and also use carbonated water (carbonic acid mist). We are really fussy about water.

I was therefore interested in learning about utilizing the power of air bubbles in the water to clean the scalp without using chemicals and shampoo. When I heard the Tanaka Metal Factory had developed the micro-nano bubble products I initially tried the Ariaisto Bollina at my house. The merits such as maintaining body temperature, and greater shampoo cleansing power impressed me so much that we began using the Bollina PRO at the salon.

In addition to our commitment to “water”, our salons motto includes safety and security as a vision. To tell the truth, shampoo and perms are not really good for the human body.

Using chemicals can damage the scalp and hair. By utilizing the cleansing power of the Bollina PRO we can lessen the amount of chemicals and shampoo that we use in the hair treatment process making it safer for both our customers and our staff. We can probably wash away 99% of the dye residue used in hair dying when we use the Bollina PRO.

Many customers comment on their improved skin moisture. In my opinion there are no better shower heads than Ariamisto Bollina and Bollina PRO available at the moment.

Over the long term it is obvious to see the savings that have been made with utility costs.

Using the Ariamisto Bollina and Bollina PRO allows us the set the shower head water temperature lower but the scalp will still feel warm. The scalp will retain its moisture and essential oils while washing away dirt and sebum.

I also think the increased moisture is also gentle on the beauticians that are engaged in this business.

Actually, as a qualified “Hair Advisor” I can quite confidently say it is better that the scalp sebum (fat content) should not be removed entirely and a minimum amount of oil should remain.

In our industry we often rely on the manufacturer to produce better chemicals for hair washing or scalp moisturizing, however if we use the Bollina shower head we don’t need to rely on such chemicals. In fact using softened water in a carbonated water mist in conjunction with Bollina micro-nano bubbles we give our customers the best water treatment available.

I now think that the PRO shower head overshadows the soft water and carbonated water.

Until now we have relied on water pressure to rinse away the shampoo but now I know that this is not true. But I really didn’t understand the effectiveness of the shower head until I used it myself.

After personally seeing the benefits of the shower head I wanted all our customers to join me in the experience.. This would become our new standard after we switched all the shower heads to the Bollina PRO.

Going back to the topic of hair coloring. Once the hair has been colored, any residual chemicals can actually be harmful for the scalp. This includes scalp troubles, hair damage and odor problems.

So after the minimum time for hair coloring we should wash away the residual chemicals as soon as possible. The tornado water flow of the Bollina PRO quickly cleans the scalp especially the hairline. While this beneficial for the customer, it also reduces the time our staff have in contact with the chemicals and the time they are bending over washing the hair.

And above all, the Bollina PRO foam is soft and leaves the customer feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Our salons logo is safety and trust. .We will do our best to provide the customers with a delightful experience.

The salon name “Luz” is “Ruth” in Spanish. It means light or shining. Please feel free to visit our water specializing “safe and trustworthy” salon.

Luz Hair design.
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