Customer Testimonials


Matsubara (Gifu Prefecture)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

Mr. and Mrs. Matsubara have a barber and beauty salon in Yamagata, the hometown of Tanaka Metal Factory. They are very satisfied using the Ariamisto Bollina shower head in their household.

The salon is bright and clean with large glass windows.

The customers comfort and satisfaction comes first.


They use the Ariamisto Bollina PRO at their Tout-Le-Monde salon.
The water pressure is better than the normal shower and the micro nano-bubles clean the customers scalp thoroughly.

Matsubara Hair Salon
  • ■website here salon Tout-Le-Monde)
  • ■Address1327-4, Takaki, Yamagata-City, Gifu (parking available)
  • ■TELbarber shop 0581-22-1576 hair salon 0120-132-829
  • ■Business hours9:00a.m.-19:00p.m.
  • ■Regular holidayevery Monday/1st Tuesday 3rd Sunday of every month
Head Office: 1095 Hinaga Yamagata City Gifu Prefecture 501-2253 TEL:0581-53-2653 FAX:0581-53-2654
Gifu Branch: TKS Building 2-4 Kinoshita-cho Gifu City 500-8154 TEL:058-248-5811 FAX:058-248-5812