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BLANCO Elegante Minami Aoyama Salon (Tokyo)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

The salon, located in the prime location of Minami Aoyama is popular with many celebrities and entertainers.

As expected with such a first class salon, the staff members are wonderful and respond to all the customer’s needs.
The salon in on the 2nd floor but staff will greet customers downstairs and carry their baggage or shopping up the stairs. Isn’t that great service?

The monotone interior is very stylish, the hair cutting area is spacious and bright but the hair shampooing area is out of view. The salon design can be breathtaking for new customers.

Customers at most beauty salons will have the cut, shampoo, hair color or perm all done by one staff member, however the BLANCO Minami Aoyama salon has specialized staff to perform each phase of customers hair treatment. That is one of the features of this salon.

Another feature of this salon is the nail art.
The service is very popular with busy entertainers or models which is another reason they come to the salon.

It is not limited to famous people, of course busy housewives, office ladies and businesswomen are also treated with the same care.

On weekdays 40 to 50 customers and weekends 50 to 60 customers are cared for at the salon. In most cases customers need a reservation however on weekdays around early evening it can be relatively easy to make a reservation.

The store manager Nakamura responded to our interview.

BLANCO Minami Aoiyama salon had previously used another company’s water saving shower head.

We specifically selected different water saving shower heads on all the shower basins in the salon but unfortunately the water splattered out of the basin and the water pressure was not consistent. Most staff said they were not satisfied with its performance.

Our head office introduced us to the new Bollina PRO shower head that had been released by Tanaka Metal Factory.

We didn’t hesitate to replace all the shower heads in the salon as we had heard that the Bollina PRO was such a good product.

That reputation was soon confirmed by our staff. Even though we didn’t advertise the fact to our customers, many commented on the great feeling the Bollina PRO shower was. Our staff like the ease with which the showerhead can be rotated in the fingertips of one hand for ease of use and of course it is great water saving product.

Having its own specialized hair colorist is one of the key factors in making this salon so popular.
The hair coloring is very difficult to wash away but by using the Bollina PRO rotating in our fingertips, we can wash thoroughly around the customers face. When used with carbonated water, the dirt washing away can be easily seen.
The cleansing power is much better than just washing with carbonated water and the skin becomes much softer.

For these reasons, The Bollina PRO is an indispensable item at the BLANCO Minami Aoyama salon.

Ariamist Bollina shower heads are also on sale at the salon.

BLANCO Elegante Minami Aoyama Salon.
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  • ■Address5-11-24, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo gray Seth 1F
  • ■Reservations by phone03-5468-0033
  • ■Business hoursweekdays/from11:00to21:00 Saturdays,Sundays,and holidays/from10:00to20:00
  • ■Regular holidayevery Tuesday/3rd Monday of each month
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