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Wan Craft

Wan Craft (Osaka)
Installed Bollina Pet care

A professional dog service shop near Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka

Wan Craft, near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, was opened in May, 2013 by a dog loving ex-businessman.

The store offers dog care services such as trimming, shampoo, nail care as well as a pet hotel.

Being near USJ, it is convenient for owners to leave their pets at the hotel for the day while they visit USJ for the day.

As there is limited hotel space, pet owners are advised to make a reservation in order to be sure of being able to use the service
(For reservations call 06-6147-3002)

A shampoo with micro nano-buble is provided free of charge.

The owner, Mr. Furukawa has an A grade Dog Trimmer license.

B and C grade license holders are quite common, but an A grade license holder is the level of most professional trimmers at dog shows.

All dogs that have been cared for at Wan Craft also have a professional level photograph taken, which is presented to the owner.

Most stores charge for this photo service, but the dog loving Mr. Furukawa provides this service free of charge.

The same goes for the micro nano-bubble shampoo. Most stores charge extra for the micro nano-buble shampoo, but Wan Craft also provides this service free of charge.

In addition Wan Craft uses a high quality shampoo.
Poor shampoo can be a cause of skin rash with dogs.

Mr. Furukawas comment

We have been using Ariamisto Bollina since the day our store was opened.

I knew about the product after having been to trade shows before opening the store.

I wanted a product that would differentiate us from other stores.

Customers are extremely satisfied that we offer the micro nano-bubble service free of charge.

Currently we are using the new Bollina pet care shower head.

The shower head can be rotated in your fingers which leaves the other hand free to look after the dog. The water flow seems to be very comfortable for the dog. In an improvement from the previously used Ariamisto Bollina, the water spray is more focused.

The Bollina pet shower has enough cleansing power that we don’t need to use shampoo when washing. It is very easy to see the dirt floating after washing in a 5 to 10 minute micro nano-bubble bath.

When using the Ariamisto shower the difference in washing away the shampoo bubbles is noticeable. Customers using the shower heads also on sale have been impressed the product. This reinforces our belief that we have in Ariamisto Bollina.

Photos of dogs that we have cared for are viewable on our homepage. Please feel free to view these lovely pets.

Wan Craft
  • ■website here
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  • ■Address3-11-20, Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka City
  • ■TEL06-6147-3002
  • ■Regular holidayNo fixed holiday
  • ■Business hours10:00~18:00
  • ■Trimming,
     Hotel pickup
    (with prior reservation.)
Head Office: 1095 Hinaga Yamagata City Gifu Prefecture 501-2253 TEL:0581-53-2653 FAX:0581-53-2654
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