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Kyoto Ryokan Ryokufusou

Kyoto Ryokan Ryokufusou (Kyoto)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

Ryokan Ryokufusou located in the ancient city of Kyoto

The most popular tourist spot in Japan, even for foreigners is the ancient city of Kyoto.

Ryokufu is located just 5 minutes by taxi from the Kyoto Station.

We interviewed the fourth generation owner Mr. Ohno Matsuda. He manages the historical ryokan together with his father.

Nearby are the Nishi Honganji and Higashi Honganji Temples. On the day of our interview, Ryokufu had many foreign guests staying there. The secret to its popularity lies in the cleanliness and tranquility of the ryokan and the nicely Japanese style interior.

Not only is the location and atmosphere welcoming, the current 4th generation manager is particular on “omote nashi”, the heart of Japanese hospitality.
This can be seen by the fluent English concierge assisting foreign guests in their Japanese travels.


I insisted on installing the Ariamisto Bollina as soon as I saw it

Mr Ono-4th generation manager

Thanks to the hotel, I am able to become the 4th generation manager.
Well actually my father, the 3rd generation manager is still active in training staff in the heart of Japanese hospitality and ways to improve the satisfaction of their stay.

The reason for installing Ariamisto Bollina was for these reasons.

I actually came across the shower head at the 2014 North Kanto Block meeting for the association of ryokan owners. I was most impressed by the quality of the shower head water while visiting the Tanaka Metal Factory demonstration booth.

I replaced 17 shower heads in the men’s and women’s bath areas. We had previously used water saving showers heads so the purpose of replacing them was to improve the quality of the shower experience.

I thought the skin heat retention power of the micro nano-buble would surely improve the bathing experience for our guests.

The shower head replacement was extremely easy and could be done by hand which meant any extra installation costs were not necessary.

In order to create a peaceful atmosphere for the guests, we do not have any school groups or student organizations staying at Ryokufu

Because there are many hotels and ryokans in Kyoto, we need to put in an extra effort in managing our ryokan.
Therefore I am particular about the cleanliness of the tatami mats and general cleanliness of the ryokan.

Our menu has a special “Monthly Kyoto Banquet Dish” which changes every month. It is things like this that make Ryokufu a special place to stay. Ariamiasato Bollina also blends in with this theme.

All of the employees do their best at even the smallest of things to make your occasion in Kyoto memorable.
Please visit us next time you are in Kyoto.
The view from the 6th floor bath will surely relax your mind and body.

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