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Fujimi Kougen Resort

Fujimi Kougen Resort (Nagano Prefecture)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

Located at the foot of Yatsugatake Mountain are the resort areas of Kobuchizawa and Fujimi. The very popular Fujimi Kougen Resort responded to our interview.

As the name suggests, on the way to Fujimi from Kobuchizawa Station, we had a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji. The area is surrounded by nature and has an amazing star filled night sky.

At Fujimi Resort there are a variety of activities we can enjoy. Skiing or golf, sports camps, open-air schools, nature watching cart paths are all available on the extensive grounds of the resort.

We interviewed Yuuji Aruga who manages healing spa facilities “Happouen Shikanoyuu” within the resort.


Mr, Aruga told us about the secret powers of the Happouen Shikanoyuu hot spring.

The hot spring is a sodium sulphite chloride spring. Several times a day the hot spring water becomes clouded green.

It seems that somewhere at the source the minerals are naturally being discharged into the hot water. After a while the hot water becomes crystal clear again enhancing the mystery of the hot spring. The Fujimi Kougen Resort calls this phenomenon the “Green Hot Spring”. The hot spring water contains 2,715mg/kg of sulfate ions which gives us good heat retention after bathing. Many guests come to the resort to enjoy The Green Hot Spring.

Hot spring enthusiasts and elderly guests can enjoy the various special stay plans available.

Let’s talk about Ariamisto

We installed Ariamisto in the hot springs about two years ago.
We found out about the water saving shower head after seeing it on the Gaia no Yoake business documentary.

As well as the hot spring, we installed the shower heads in the Junes Yatsugatake sports complex and hot baths at the golf club. In total we installed 60 shower heads and were able to save approximately 30% of the water bill, without losing any water pressure.

There aren’t any disadvantages and most guests in fact say the water pressure is better and the shower water feels much better.

Because of the high appraisals from our guests, we began selling the Ariamisto Bollina shower heads at our resort store. Many of our staff have also purchased it and use the shower head in their homes.

By the way, the hotel is named Happouen Shikanoyuu (Deer Hot Spring), but actually deer are sometimes seen in the nature-abundant surrounding this area.

The Shinshu Beef sukiyaki and grilled beef are also delicacies of the area.

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