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Shukaen “Yunohanazen”

Shukaen “Yunohanazen” (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

Shukaen “Yunohanazen” is a Hot Spring Ryokan Hotel near the port in Atami.

Shuan Garden was originally the name of my grandfather’s landscaping business (as seen by the current manager). He thought the hospitality and restaurant business should be done with the same respect one gives to the care of flowers. Hence the name “Shuhei Garden Yunohana Zen ” was given to the hotel.

They strive to stay ahead of the many other hotels and ryokans in the historical Atami area by maintaining a warm and caring atmosphere that is most concerned with keeping the customers satisfied. The following message is from the current manager Mr. Fujima.

I was introduced to the Ariamisto Bollina at a Hotel and Restaurant Trade Show where Tanaka Metal Factory had a booth. While walking past the booth, Mr. Tanaka asked me to lend him my hand to try under the shower.

At first I was overwhelmed by his enthusiasm but after putting my hand in the shower water for 10 seconds I was amazed.

I bought one shower head and took it back to the hotel to show my staff, wife and family. They were also amazed by it. Seven of my staff members became interested in getting their own Bollina for their private use.

Our mission is to provide happiness for the guests staying at our hotel. By using Bollina for only 10 seconds you can achieve great skin moisture became one of our marketing phrases for Shukaen Yunohanazen.

So we replaced all the shower heads in the bath rooms and guest rooms with the Ariamisto Bollina.

To enhance to Bollina experience, we set up a demonstration booth at large bath area.
In addition to the guests having smooth skin from the Atami we also wanted to leave the guests feeling special having being able to use the shower head.
You would think that men and elderly guests wouldn’t be interested in the products but men’s beauty care is quite common these days and we have had a great response from our male guests.

Providing our guests with this kind of unique topic is part of our service. For a ryokan or hotel, providing top quality food and service is a must. We believe that the shower head adds to this service.

The reputation has grown that we now have a part of our homepage covering the Bollina Micro nano-bubble shower head.

Shukaen has two Hot spring ryokan hotels. The Yunohanazen focuses on delicious food.

Carefully selected ingredients from Ito, Ataami are used in the unique menu that takes advantage of the original taste of Collagen jelly filled two colored pot of Red bream.

While this ryokan has a circulating water filtered hot spring, there is a shuttle bus to the nearby “Mikan Tree” ryokan which has a natural gravity fed hot spring. Of course there is a shuttle bus from the Atami station and also to various beautician aroma salons in the area.

You can enjoy Atami in all four seasons. Please visit us the next time you travel to the Kanto area.

Atami Hot Spring Shukaen “Yunohanazen” Ryokan Hotel
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