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C’est Mieux

C’est Mieux Relaxation (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Installed Ariamisto Bollina

C’est Mieux is covenieniently located on the fourth floor of a building near the number 1 exit of Kannai Station on the Yokohama Subway Line. They responded to our interview.

C’est Miuex offers services unique to cater for the needs of each customer.

In other words, it takes the request of the customer and combines that with the best technology available.

Such meticulous care for the customers can be seen in the photograph. All the air conditioners have specialist air circulation fans attached to enhance the experience for the customer.

The fans prevent customer’s skin from drying.

C’est Mieux is dedicated to caring for the health of its customers and has been selling Ariamisto Bollina over the counter to the customers.

We asked President Takaoka about the reason for that.

The most important concept for our salon is “Health”.

Everything begins with having good health.

With any new product at our store, we first have our staff members’ trial the product to see if it fits in with our concept. We cannot recommend products to the customers that we are not fully satisfied with.

Ariamisto Bollina was trailed by our staff members and their families, young and elderly all were extremely satisfied with it.

Most were impressed by the “soft” feeling of the water from the shower head as well as the moisturizing effect and cleansing power.

Many of the staff member’s grandparents using taking a bath in water from the Bollina shower head.

“It feels lighter”
“Less pressure”

The entire bathroom was filled with mist from the shower head turning the bathroom into a mini sauna.

This is great for relieving breathing stress and of course wonderful for the skin moisture.

There are various kinds of water saving and beauty shower heads on the market and many use replaceable cartridges but these are quite heavy, inconvenient and actually don’t seem to produce the advertised effect. The Bollina doesn’t have these drawbacks and so we are confidently able to recommend it to our customers.

Our staff are also privately satisfied with Bollina. One members’ child has a skin allergy which improved after suing the Bollina shower. Another members’ husband frequently goes on overseas business trips but develops itchy skin from using the overseas showers.

On returning to Japan the condition soon disappears after using Bollina.

About 60% of our customers have purchased the Bollina shower head after hearing such recommendations from our staff. Not one customer regrets using it. Many customers have also been so impressed that they have given the Bollina as a Christmas or wedding present. Of course we wrap the present for such occasions.

We have our own handmade information board for explaining Bollina to the customers.

Most of the time your skin feels dry after getting out of the bath, but combining Bollina and other moisturizing products gives you long lasting moist skin.
Many customers have even asked for a kitchen sink version of this product.

I was very impressed by the attention to fine details at C’est Mieux.
I’m sure that you will receive a truly wonderful experience at this salon. Please feel free to visit them.

C’est Mieux Relaxation
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  • ■Address2-18-1, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa YS building 4F
    (the first floor of the building is H S securities)
  • ■TEL045-222-7678
Head Office: 1095 Hinaga Yamagata City Gifu Prefecture 501-2253 TEL:0581-53-2653 FAX:0581-53-2654
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